Saturday, March 12, 2005

"You Can’t Take the Sky From Me."

Damn you Mike, damn you for introducing me to Firefly. I now have the theme song constantly in my head.

For those of you out of the know, Firefly is a wonderful, short-lived series that was once on Fox a few years ago. Due to poor choice in scheduling and episode order, the network pulled the series halfway through its first season. It was later released on DVD.

That was when it's popularity really took off, so much so Universal bought the rights to make a movie (due out in September). It also generated a list of fan sites (here, here, here and here, to start), along with the required fan fic (here, here, and here). I especially like the site where the author is working on a virtual season of it for Phoenix Virtual Television (here) and the site dedicated to products inspired from the series (here). All this from a mere 14 episodes.

The lesson boys and girls is that in our age of technology and ethical greed, it's hard keeping a good product down. We also learned this lesson with Family Guy (Fox is bringing back the series thanks to high DVD sales). All things just keep getting better.


Chris said...

Cool, I'll have to get the DVD. Also, your opening line about not getting the theme song out of your head reminds me of something.

Whenever I read or hear about people having earworms (songs that they can't get out of their heads) I always think of Kylie Minogue's song "Can't Get You Out of My Head" (you may have heard it in commercials for cellphone tunes.) Strange that the title of the song perfectly matches what it does to me. AHHHHH!!!!

Oh well, I digress.

David said...

Earworms....I like that. I'd have to use that. You crazy Californians with your trend-settingness.

BTW, here we see the process of cultural evolution in the realm of language. We wonder how it spreads and changes...this is how. I might forget it later and call it something similar so use it in a new way just for fun or absentmindedly.

Sorry, I just like thinking about how stuff like this manifests.