Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Woot!...Or Not So Much

“Woot!” was the original title I was going to use when I found out GMU accepted my application for their PhD program. I was so sure I’d get in I can’t even list all the things I had going for me (notably the recommendation and help with the application from a well-respected alum of program). Then I called them today to ask why my application status seems to be stuck on “Complete ready for review,” especially since I had no idea what that meant. They told me the committee turned down my application.

Looking back, I think the number one thing I did wrong was turn it in too late. Even though it was still months before the deadline, if they got it December 1st instead of December 21st (especially since that’s four days before Christmas) things might have been very different. Who knows?

So now I’m taken aback and not sure what to do except start looking for jobs and try to figure out what’s next on the list. Apparently my application was referred to the masters program. I have no idea what that means, though I sent an inquiring e-mail.

At least the whole ordeal has been a learning experience. Here’s what I’ve learned (and am learning).

- Never put all your eggs in one basket, even if the basket’s made of a springy material that protects eggs.
- Everything happens for a reason, so long as you make that reason happen.
- Be grateful for friends that you can call when something bad happens. Sometimes all you need to do is talk.
- Never try to find out the status of your application while all you’re college friends are in class.
- Never try to find out the status of your application while your old professor is out of her office.
- Getting what you want is like fighting a war: use every advantage you have to its maximum capacity (so long as you don’t violate the Geneva Conventions).
- Always remember that no matter how bad things seem to be, there’s always someone from high school you didn’t like that’s worse off than you.
- Be grateful if you learn these lessons while you’re still young so you have the opportunity to apply them and you don’t get totally screwed when you discover them.


Chris said...

so sorry man. Do you not wanna do the master's program though? It can still serve as a stepping stone to a Ph.D. program down the line. Hope you figure something out though. Best of luck.

Skreebler said...

Do not fear! The world has not beaten you yet! You will fight! And you will win! Remember my young padawan - everything has a purpose. Your path has not yet been revealed - but soon it will be! And all will cower before you! And such. I'm sorry dude. Everything will work out in the end - heck; you're already better off than... about 95% of the sorry souls on this rock. I'm sure things will work out for the best. Talk to you soon -

- Tony