Monday, March 14, 2005

A Really Hopeful Future

Someday I’ll have it all. Someday I’ll have a computer that works reliably and will integrate with my palm pilot seamlessly (like it’s supposed to). Someday I’ll have a cell phone that gets reception in the places I go, a credit card in good enough shape to be swiped at the gas station so I don’t have to go inside and PDA that doesn’t erase its memory when it runs out of batteries. Someday all this technology will actually function while I’m holding it.

I’ve been away from LL&L that past few days because my computer has undergone a much needed overhaul including virus scans and reformatting. (I also visited Beloit in the middle of the week). After all that, I sat down to reinstall programs only to discover the left button doesn’t respond about 20% of the time. Today I grabbed a new mouse (though it cost more than I thought it would). Things seemed to be working until after the long installations needed for World of Warcraft: I couldn’t sign on. So I write this article instead.

I love technology, I really do. Entrepreneurship creates efficiency but innovation can only take you so far. Invention, however, makes our capacity for growth limitless which is why I want to dedicate my life studying technology’s role in the economy. I see it working every day though it never seems to function for me (at least not as well as for everyone else).

Someday it will all work. I swear.

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