Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Them Crazy Canadians

Mike sent me this article to cheer me up. My favorite part is that their health care system is so bad, Canadians are being sent to the states to get cared for. Makes you think what they would do if we followed their "amazing" system.


Anonymous said...

Well, we wouldn't go to Mexico, that's for sure.

Well, not unless our problems could be solved by poorly packaged viagra or outlawed skin creams.

Chris said...

Actually, I recently heard a news program on the radio that discussed people here in So Cal going to Mexico to get discounted plastic/cosmetic surgery (maybe you've heard that this is a pretty popular procedure in this corner of the country ;) Anyways, the reporter was discussing the definite dangers of doing this, but it turns out that they weren't as great as you might imagine. There seems to be quite a few American trained specialists working in Mexico because malpractice insurance isn't as high as it is here and also because they felt that there was a "legitimate" (i.e. - non-vanity) need for their services there.

Basically, don't rule out Mexico as a hinterland of medical procedures quite so fast.