Tuesday, March 29, 2005

GMU Update

After about half a week of vainly trying to get a hold of Pete Boettke (who wrote in an e-mail recently that I could call him if I had any questions), I got an e-mail from GMU. Apparently he’s re-reviewed my application and put me on the wait list for the PhD program, which is awesome. That’s the good news: I still might get into the PhD program.

Apparently the GMU people are trying to get as many waitlisted into the program and those that don’t get passed on to a different group so they can be considered for the masters. That’s the bad news: I might not get into either.

BUT, apparently my constant nagging earned me something as Pete has taken an interest in me and they’ve “flagged” my file, which means they’re going to try harder to get me in. How much harder and how many others are flagged, I don’t know. But my chances are better than they were last week. That’s the good news.

But it seems that at the end of each day, I actually know less and my future seems more uncertain. Why do I get the feeling I’m the victim of some kind of prank?

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