Sunday, September 02, 2007

From Reality, Not Ideals

Fr. Shay Cullen at Pinoypress gives a gut-wrenching depiction of helping the poor while working with Mother Teresa. And yet her explanation for poverty—the rich who don't give enough--is misplaced. Injustice doesn't thrive because "the rich refuse to put aside their greed and build a just society." People are greedy everywhere, but some countries are rich and some are poor.

It would be nice if other people were more chartable, but that's not the world we live in. One shouldn't make suggestions for a better society based on how people should be. That tends to do more harm than good. If I assume that I can fly, I might jump off of a cliff or push others off to show them they are deluded. Travesty would follow. It would be far more humane—though less ideal—for me to acknowledge my flightlessness and take the time to build an airplane.

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