Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Shouldn't Take It With You

An anti-trash activist (I didn't catch her name) spoke on NPR yesterday encouraging people to try her experiment. Instead of throwing things away, she said, people should carry everything that doesn't go into their compost in a trash bag with them to raise awareness about how much people throw away. There's too much waste, she said. People are just too selfish.

True, waste is expensive which is why people are always trying to reduce it. But only up to a point. Disposing garbage is still quite cheap: evidence this activist is more single-minded than revolutionary. While she tries to guilt us into paying more for effectively nothing, we have to smell her garbage. Talk about selfish.


Anonymous said...

Isn't making you smell her garbage part of protected free speech? You know like how you defended hooligans' free speech rights to insult and assault soccer players.

But I guess since you're less likely to be one of the soccer players than you are to be near this trash lady, it's OK to have this discrepancy in attitude.

David said...

Oh I'm all for free speech, even in the form of smelly trash. But that doesn't mean it can't be rude.

Anonymous said...

So if she threw the trash at you, that would be OK?

Anonymous said...

David's a dishonest hypocritical ass, just as his brother implied.