Monday, September 24, 2007

China Slides Down

During the World Economic Forum in Dalian, demographer Nicholas Eberstadt issued a warning to China concerning it's population: it's too small. China needs to abandon it's one-child policy if it is to ensure a strong and continuously developed economy in the future. By 2030, its population is currently projected to start decreasing and leading up to that, its senior citizens will continue to balloon. Eberstadt goes into more detail in this AEI article:
The true wealth of modern countries resides in their people--in human resources. China's people are not a curse--they are a blessing. The Chinese people, like people elsewhere, are rational, calculating actors who seek to improve their own circumstances--not heedless beasts who procreate without thought of the future.
Free markets work best with lots of people with free minds. If China truly wants to embrace the full strength of capitalism's virtues, its well advised to let the people be fruitful and multiply.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure the markets will work better with a googleplex of people on the planet.

You've got stupidity beyond fathoming.