Sunday, June 17, 2007

Showing That You Care

Hillary Clinton recently spoke out against the restraints on federally-funded stem cell research. Her sentiment is in the right place. Why should a culture of cells much of the country doesn't even think is alive take precedent over those no one can deny are suffering?

And yet her perceptions are askew. At an event she said there are millions of families left
...waiting and wondering whether their government is really on the side of helping and saving the lives of their loved ones. Where we are now is, we're going backward. We're not just stalled. We're going backward.
The government may be going backwards, but despite what Clinton suggests it is not the only source of technology. Industry is far more effective at invention and innovation than government scientists. Congressional funding is fickle and oversight often oppressive.

Instead of engaging in the abortion battle, Clinton should encourage tax cuts for private research firms. Not only would that get past Mr. Bush, it would run counter to her platform. It would demonstrate that this really is about the sick and dying and not about playing politics with people's lives.

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