Thursday, June 21, 2007

NJ Congress Encourages Students to Not Think

For many Americans, college is the place where kids become adults. They learn to manage their own schedule. They learn to live by themselves. They learn to interact on a more professional basis. Many take jobs.

But the New Jersey Senate thinks they are growing up too fast. Earlier today they passed the Codey/Lesniak bill which, among other things, the exchange of gifts from lenders to educational institutions in exchange for preferred lending status. According to Sen. Lesniak:
The only reason a lending institution should get a college’s stamp of approval over a competitor is because it offers students a better deal for their money.
In other words, students and their parents shouldn't be bothered with understanding the requirements of a student loan. All the thinking they should have to do is check the college's list of suggested lenders and then mindlessly act accordingly.

The students may be the ones who will suffer the most. Not only is the Senate discouraging thinking, they are also discouraging companies from donating the very buildings and equipment that often draw students to a particular college and teach them when they arrive.

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