Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moore Reading, Not Less Health Care

Micheal Moore went to the Daily Show tonight promoting his new movie, Sicko, a work promoting national health care. Moore is tremendously upset because people don't have the health insurance he wants. In fact, he doesn't think private health insurance should exist it all.

If it turns out the health insurance people get doesn't cover something they think it should, why not instead encourage people to read contracts before they sign them? Then they would know what's covered and what isn't and then they could decide if they want to purchase the product. I'm sure people sign a lot of things without reading it. It's a problem. But telling people they shouldn't be expected to read things they sign isn't helpful.

But Moore doesn't merely think that people should read less, he thinks we should throw out the very contracts they should read. Moore told Stewart that it's awful companies provide insurance because they are in it to make profit. Thus, they look to not pay off claims. What Moore ignores is that if they never paid off claims, they wouldn't make any money, either. Nobody would want to buy such insurance.

Unless, of course, no one bothered reading the contracts.


Anonymous said...

Have you read an insurance policy lately? As bad as tax forms.

David said...


a) hire a lawyer to look at it (as we have accountants to do our taxes);

b) don't buy the health care or;

c) sign it anyway, but don't be angry when you discover that your insurance doesn't cover something

Anonymous said...

If they could afford a lawyer to look at it then they probably could afford better health care where this wouldn't be a problem. Contracts have become a way for businesses to avoid their obligations.