Friday, September 02, 2005

Unscientific Method

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill talked to climatologist Stephan Schneider via satillete and they discussed how Hurricane Katrina was beefed up by global warming.

The logic seemed sound--more heat means bigger storms--but they made the rather hasty jump from global warming was akine to steriods for the hurricane to the human race was the steriods. In other words, we're causing the heat.

Consider this:

1) Understanding climatology cannot use controlled experiments because there's no control. We only have one planet to work off; we can't burn fossil fuels on one and not on the other and then see what happens.

2) Understanding climatology is incomplete. It's a huge, dynamic system with countless elements that top scientists have acknowledged they don't understand.

3) Climatologist generally agree that burning fossil fuels are causing global warming.

I can understand suspicious or potential avenues of inquiry or even red flags. But if you can't figure out how the world works, either through inductive reasoning (number one) or deductive reasoning (number two), then you can't claim to have a scientific conclusion.

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