Thursday, September 08, 2005

How Black Society Hurts Black Society

Everyday we encounter random laws that make us stop and ask, what the hell were bureacrats thinking? Today was no exception because I learned about a Virginia adoption law (which my source says is a common in other states) that says adopted kids have to racially match with their adopted parents. Thus white kids can only be adopted by white parents and black kids by black parents.

Before you claim that the KKK is far more powerful in modern society than anyone thought, understand that white people didn't advocate the law; black people did. Or more specifically, the National Association of Black Social Workers who advocated the creation of the law in early 1970s. The NABSW continues to support the policy as they stress "placing children of African ancestry with relatives or unrelated families of the same face and culture for adoption" despite the estimated 222,000 African-American foster children living today.

The claim is culture; black people have their culture, white people have theirs and NABSW would be damned if it let the two mix. But culture is a living thing and it is not up to the NABSW to say what changes and how. Moreover, they are harming black culture; foster children who hit the 18-year-old mark are thrown out in the cold world without a dime to their name. I guarentee you they don't become doctors. Out of neccessity, gangsters and low-wage workers I would bet are the most common career choices. The culture the NABSW is trying to defend is very one most foster African Americans probably don't want; they are hurting the people they are trying to protect. It's shameful; shameful and selfish.

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