Monday, March 26, 2007

Eyeing Rudy

Larry Kudlow of Kudlow and Company aired his interview of Rudy Guiliani this evening. Guiliani looks like an excellent free market president; Kudlow compared his policies to ones that Hayek, von Mises and Friedman would support.

Here's a few:
-Against government health care.
-Against erecting trade barriers of any kind.
-Against any new taxes, including a carbon tax.

He did, however, speak of "energy independence" but if it happens spontaneously thanks to a deregulated power plant industry (he mentioned the virtues of nuclear power by name), then I don't really care. Besides, no politician is anywhere near close to perfect.

He was probably talking solely to Kudlow's audience and this was all just a lot of fluff. But in this new political climate-where democrats and, by extension their ideas, are very popular-it says a lot for him to disagree with them so consistently.

Note: I will be traveling a lot in the next two or so weeks and as such my blogging will be very erratic, if it appears at all.


Warren said...

Here's what Reason had to say.

B Tween said...

read these

Giuliani's propositions are founded in weak platitudes and debunked myth. Why anybody would take him seriously is beyond me.