Thursday, March 08, 2007

Consensus on “Carbon Neutrality”

Recently I commented on Gore’s increasing carbon footprint. In the comments I was told:

God, if you're gonna make fun of something, at least know what you're talking about:

Live Earth says it will implement a new 'Green Event Standard' that will become the model for carbon neutral concerts and other live events in the future. This will include:-

All electricity that powers the shows will be from renewable sources, either through utility supplied renewable energy, biodiesel generators, or renewable energy credits

Recently there have been some initial analyses on using “carbon neutral” energy.

More fun than chess

A tale of two markets

The Political Economy of Alternative Energy

Another stab at carbon offsets

After reading these the consensus seems to be that credits and carbon neutrality doesn’t work as it claims to. And anyone who denies this is a fringe skeptic in the pocket of the environmental lobby.

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