Thursday, February 22, 2007

The H-Bomb and You

Here’s a pamphlet from 1954 on how to survive a hydrogen bomb attack, and what you can do to help prevent attacks.

Just remember, Civil Defense is Your Job.


David said...

Oh that's great. One of the pages links to an A-Bomb pamphlet that actually suggests you duck behind a wall.

David said...

I have a new favorite part:

Johnny: But in that movie the H-Bomb wiped out most of the city. Won't everyone be killed?

Teacher: No, Johnny, don't ever believe such rumors. That is the kind of talk an enemy would have you believe!

B Tween said...

Gimme a break. You want to serve your country? Join the Army and relieve one of our hideously overextended "troops". (Troops in common parlance translates to "illegally deployed National Guardsmen on their third stop-loss tour")
I suspect Doonesbury captured your sentiments more accurately than that charming antique cartoon, with this classic MBA-student ethics class quote:
"And I truly believe I can better serve my country at a hedge fund"