Saturday, February 03, 2007

February's Most Random Wikipedia Page Is...

List of objects dropped on New Year's Eve. It's about time we had this article!

This month's installment marks the 12th random Wikipedia article I've tracked down--I've officially been doing this for a full year. While I'd like to maintain this tradition, a couple of events make me hesitent. The first is Mike's discovery of this page, a Wikipedia article that does continuously what I do only monthly.

While merging my monthly "column" with the list, I stumbled on a second reason: some of my Wikipedia articles have been deleted, notably the one that started this whole mess: List of sets of unrelated songs with identical titles. (Other items nominated for deletion that day: List of fictional characters that regularly wear shorts, Veil Fetishism, Tuba (mythology), and perhaps the one I disagree with the most, Bureaucrash.)

PS: Runner up this month was Pipe Smoker of the Year, a discontinued award which honors famous pipe smokers. However, my research for the above paragraph led me to this month's winner; I couldn't resist.

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Jenny said...

The second 85% of my live I’ve lived in Orange County, CA, but I’ve never heard of dropping an orange at midnight…I wonder where it’s done.