Friday, June 30, 2006

July's Most Random Wikipedia Page Is....

Forbes Fictional 15, a 2002 list, according to Forbes, of the most well-known and richest fictional characters in pop culture. For some reason, Scrooge McDuck is only number four (and I heard in the 2005 version, he drops to number six). How he's below that lazy Richie Rich, I'll never know.

And could someone explain number one?


Tim said...

Well, my take on it would be it's a reflection of the elven slave labor; pick them up for a song and a dance in the Arabian slave-o-rama, look what rising costs of labor will do to the valuation of your holdings!

And needless to say, his distribution network is phenomenal, and I really envy his naughty-nice database, which I'm sure the CIA would love to get their hands on.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering who came up with the numbers in the first place. It is nice that a non-profit organization is #1 though.

Scrooge McDuck frequently goes on treasure hunts for lots of gold coins and precious stones. (Yes, I watched the cartoon for a while.) Considering the value of gold, I'd put his net worth higher. His only fault is that he likes to keep his assets liquid which may hamper him.


Jason Br. said...

I think David is saying that he doesn't understand why Claus is on a list of fictional characters.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhhh I got a lot of milage out of this. Don't spoil it for me!