Friday, June 23, 2006

Jennifer Superman

In case you need more evidence that Superman is a statist, I just caught him reading Jennifer Government (second panel). For those of you who don't know, JG takes place in an Orwellian future where corporations control the US government. Admittedly I haven't read it, but I reviewed the Wikipedia entry and play Nationstates, which is based off the book.

I bet Batman would read The Future and Its Enemies. I love Batman.


Anonymous said...

Ahh Batman, who uses his parents trust fund and company earnings to dress as a bat and beat up criminals without concern for the law. Not only does he risk his own life but that of his company's and the livelyhood thousands or even millions of employees. How does he fund his activities without bankrupting the Wayne Foundation and what happens if a good auditor looks at the books?

Tim said...

Jason, I hope you read what I commented on below.

I appreciate your concern for social justice, but I can't disagree with you more that the state is the best place to put your trust.

By the way, you seem to like talking about justice - but you talk about batman being a vigilante, acting in disregard to the law. What if the law is actively protecting criminals? What if corporations are given tremendous power over millions of people BECAUSE the government slaps laws down that says they can do what they like?

Or is that just comic-book fantasy?

Anonymous said...


"What if the law is actively protecting criminals?"
What if Batman is encouraging the criminals? On a conservative blog, someone pointed out that many of Batman's rogues gallery commit crimes and kill people just to get Batman's attention (Joker for instance). So if Batman retired, there might not be as many crimes. Or at least crimes by other capes.

Who does Batman answer to? If he screws up, who is held responsible? Who decides when he is no longer fit to wear the mask?

Marvel addressed this in their Civil War mega-crossover this summer. A group of "young" heroes (been around since the early 90s but that's comic book time for you) go after a villain who's only power is to blow up. Which he does ... next to a school. 600+ people are dead, many of them children. Afterward people were asking many of the questions I asked. Why does a mask allow you to fight crime without answering to an established authority?

In America we have checks and balances in our government. (OK it's not being used much now, but it's suppose to be there.) There are measures in place to keep the other sides in check in case they cross the line. Who keeps Batman in check to be sure he doesn't cross the line? Superman?


PS, I did not say the state is the best place to put my trust. But you do raise the question, if not them, who?