Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm recently pissed off by the French government attempting to censor international media - and they say they, unlike the US, respect borders. Their current schtick involves Yahoo!, and access to racist material. French Law bans free thought and discourse, and as a corrolary, democracy. I'd like to say that's someone else's problem, but we're all in the same boat when it comes to freedom.

I don't think selling swasticas makes you a free country, but when anyone else gets to decide what you can and can't say, based on an arbitrary judgement of what constitutes racism, discrimination, hurt feelings, etc., you're no longer living in a free country, you're living in Candyland, where the gum-drop mountains offer a grand backdrop to the soda-pop sea.

And the French I talk to seem to think it's all pretty much well and OK - so much for liberal ideology, huh? But then, they call Chirac a flaming conservative. Just goes to show you what happens when a prolitical spectrum gets unhinged from its moorings. They tell me the French hate themselves as much as anyone else, and love to complain - glad to hear someone else tell it.

Man, is THIS what getting your clocks cleaned in every war in the last century does to a country?


Tim said...

I can't help but laught when people talk about the liberation of France - D-Day apparently succeeded on a military level, but utterly failed on a cultural level. The French have rejected the Nazi political machine, but embraced their ideology, modified a bit to serve their needs.

Maybe it's an extreme comparison, but I think we're all adults and can handle that sort of thing. Remember, taking away someone's freedom is not entirely different from killing them outright. The difference is that if you live, you still may be able to take them back.

Tim said...

I read recently that the French essentially armed and, with Operation Turquoise, essentially protected the Rwandan Hutus while they were busy hacking their neighbors to death. And they say WE'RE guilty of war crimes in Iraq? Sheesh.