Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Taxes Too Low?

To everyone out there that thinks that taxes are too low: pay more.

I love how so many celebrities whine about the unfairness of the tax code, and how Bush's tax cuts raise the tax burden on the poor (sigh...). Their brilliant solution to nearly every problem ends with taxing the rich. After all, they've plenty to spare, so let's just take more from them, right? Wrong.

To anyone thinking like this, just remember that there's an effect you see, specifically the increased tax revenues steming from such a policy, and an effect you're blind to. If that money hadn't been taxed away, it would have been spent. That means that whoever the money would have gone to is now worse off. The rich guy down the street would have bought a yacht? Too bad for the boat builders and craftsment, the shipping company, etc. You can't pay Paul without robbing Peter first. And Mary just doesn't like it when that happens.

So if you've a problem with tax rates, feel free to pay more. The government isn't going to complain, I'm sure. They might even send a nice little sticker or badge to thank you, but don't count on it. There's not a law on the books that I'm aware of that prevents you from charitably giving all of your wealth beyond that which you require to survive to Uncle Sam - and after all, he knows how to dispose of it so much better than we do, right?


Chris said...

Actually, Tim I tried doing that just last year with my tax return to see what would happen. I filled out the form correctly but added an additional $25 just to see if they would take it or not (actually, I was hoping that they would and then thought - naivly, I'm sure, - that I would sue them for accepting more than they should have.) Yet, lo and behold, several weeks later I received a refund in the mail with a check of exactly $25.03 (exactly the amount by which I overpaid.) It seems as though I was a.) randomly selected for an audit and instead of owing money I was due a refund or b.) Uncle Sam really does look out for our best interests and doesn't want anymore than is necessary. Needless to say, I'm highly inclined to believe that it is a.) Yet, your arguement is well taken Tim. Let's have these "oh so compassionate" bleeding hearts pocket out a bit more of their money if they are some damn upset with the lack of funding that the National Breast Feeding Mothers Education Service (fictious, I hope) is receiving. I would bet that they would claim that they don't have enough money to give away any more than they already pay in taxes. Oh really, and it's ok to demand that someone else does who doesn't give nearly 1/2 as much concern for your pet program be forced to give up his money. Concerning these people, I'm truly disgusted!

Tim said...

Here here, Chris!