Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Alphabet Soup

For anyone who thinks that the US government isn’t that big, check out this site; just another not-so-subtle reminder of the encroaching bureaucracy in our everyday lives.

My favorite facet of the creation of these hundred of departments is their inherent contradiction. The IRS takes money away from US citizens (especially the richest ones), thus preventing them from buying art. Thus, there’s a “need” for the National Endowment of the Arts because “A Great Nation Deserves Great Art.” Yeah, and a handful of Washington bureaucrats know what great art is, especially when they are spending other people’s money.


Illy said...

You go, David! Yesterday I had the sinking realization that I would have to spend 20 hours during this quarter in the company of an English professor convinced that the Arts should receive government funding. I think she also plans to make us do a presentation showing that the Arts should receive government funding. I think I shall have a difficult fight and she will not like me very much.

Anonymous 4 said...

I saw an article a while back in a music magazine complaining about how rich people need to finance starving musicians by sponsoring their own chamber orchestras, just like nobles did in the old days. For some reason the author didn't bother to ask why the rich weren't patronizing the arts more. It has to be the heavy taxes that most liberal musicians promote. Biting that hand that feeds you is never an optimal solution.