Monday, September 05, 2011

More People Means More Chickens

Apparently Bill Clinton switched to a vegan diet last year.
Apparently, in December of 2010, PETA applauded this decision, saying Clinton will save 200 animals a year.
Apparently PolitiFact recently checked this number and called it "Half True."
Apparently most PolitiFact readers were upset because the fact checker didn't consider sea creatures to be animals.

But, thankfully, at least one reader got it exactly right:
You completely missed the mark on this one. While you are correct about the shellfish, no farm-raised animals would be spared. At best they would never be born. Comercial farms do not spare any of the animals they have raised because somebody is a vegan. They only produce what will be consumeed as the marekt demands. It’s not as if a bunch of chickens and cows were freed because Bill Clinton stopped eating meat. Therefore, your explanation, and PETA's, is not well founded.


Jenny said...

LOL That might make a good excess supply problem for my students.

Chris Sky said...

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