Monday, September 19, 2011

Favorite Jokes About Qwickster

Netflix's making a separate company to handle sending off DVDs called Qwickster. Twitter's all a flutter about the name:

hunterwalk Hunter Walk
If you work for Qwikster, does that make you a Qwikee?

Gartenberg Michael Gartenberg
Ugh. Who thinks up these names? Qwikster? Sounds like streaming chocolate milk.

I'll get behind Qwikster if they choose Apu from the 'Simpsons' as their spokesman. It's the logical choice, on many levels.

misterpatches Matt Patches
Elmo smoking a spliff is a fine logo for your new service

liliales Mer
Netflix is about as perfect a name as could have been created. But Qwikster sounds like a weight-loss powder sold by The Onion.

And my personal favorite:

developer Aaron Draczynski
Qwikster sounds like the name of a 24-hour convenience store. Or, a service performed in the alley next to a 24-hour convenience store.