Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sen. Obama's Two Faces

In the midst of his victory in Wisconsin Obama spoke of respect for the free market and the importance of trade. But a sentence later he declared to give tax breaks to domestic industries to assuage outsourcing.

The logic of the free market does not stop at political borders. Entrepreneurs do not become stupid once they cross over to Mexico or China or Germany. Products made overseas are not inherently undesirable. And ones made within this country are not handed down from God.

Change is the essential element of all free markets and Sen. Obama should know this; he is the candidate for change. So he should celebrate our economy's evolution from manufacturing to service. He should revel in the constant experimentation and that remains so prominent. He praise people who find better ways to make the things we desire, embrace those that invent tomorrow's standards, and inspire more to engage in our oh-so dynamic economy.

Few forces are as potent sources of change--real, positive social change--than that of the free market. But it works best if we leave it unmolested and free to go places some may not want it to. As a self proclaimed free marketer and the candidate of change, Sen. Obama should know this.

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