Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SAG Unfair!

So, first, members of the Writers' Guild of America strike. Then the Screen Actors' Guild orders all of its members to boycott the Golden Globe Awards to show support for them. Fashion bloggers all over the world bemoaned the loss: No pretty outfits to "ooh" and "ah" over. No heinous fashion crimes to gossip about. Nothing.

Now, there's rumor of a repeat with the Academy Awards. Solution? I think that the fashion and beauty industry should respond with their own strike! Revenge on the movie stars! Designers and stylists will protest all of the money lost over the last month or so.

Think about it: No free $5,000 shoes. No begging designers. No perfectly orchestrated ensembles. No perfectly done nails, makeup, and hair. No gushing fashion journalists. We'll watch as the SAG members attend next year's big events in last year's get-ups and self-applied dye jobs. Scary isn't it?

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