Friday, April 14, 2006

Free Market Gives Us More Free Stuff

Google now offers Google Calander, which is supposed to be quite good (and given Google's reputation, I bet it is). I don't really have a lot of meetings and events to keep track of, but I'm going to use it anyway, just to see.

Some people don't like it when firms give away their product (like Microsoft's Internet Explorer). These are the same people who run up the free sample ladies in grocery stores and kick them in the shins.


Jason Br. said...

You know what would be really useful - even to the sample ladies? Google Colander.

T.J. Van Wyk said...

Damnation! Google's monopolizing behavior continues!

Sarcasm aside, though, I can only imagine the frustration to find, one day, the network in the dorm building to be down and forget what time that important meeting was.

I've been using "Rainlender" for some time - no opening web browsers, sits innocuously and unobtrusively on one's desktop, and no fuss if the internet's down. But, no "sharing," as with Google's service.

Then again, that doesn't rule out power outages....

mike said...

What scares me isn't google data mining everything, it's google days mining everything and then the government deciding it has a right to all that data.