Friday, March 17, 2006

See David Loot

I would just like to extend my thank yous to all the taxpayers out there. I spent part of this break exploring some of the museums and monuments the DC area has to offer, provided free of charge to anyone who enters.

This is a classic example of transfer payments from most of the US to museum-and-monument-attending residents (and their visiting counterparts). Oh sure you could say anyone gets in free (even foreigners who don't pay US taxes) so it's fair, but that's like defending a thief who steals money, hides it halfway across the country and e-mails the location of the goods to the original owner.

In other words it's still wrong, but I went anyway.


Ginny said...

Well, I'm glad you had a good time. Maybe we should start supporting movies with tax dollars too.... :-0

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Think of this as education. Public schools are free to children. Libraries are free to everyone. Museums and monuments are there to teach people as well. So I don't really see a big difference. "Promote the general welfare" and such.

Did they ask for a donation? If so, did you be an honest man and give one or were you a cheapskate and learn for free?