Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Patriot Games

I know very little about basketball and you'd have to pay me to be excited about us being the "sweet sixteen." In fact, I can't remember another time when my interest level was so little compared to everyone around me. Ok, I care a little that Mason was on the cover Sports Illustrated and more people know who we are now, but I have zero interest in the simple fact of Mason's standing.

Yet I am surrounded by those that do care and they care an awful lot. So much so, that they are externalizing the costs of them caring, of which I am in part bearing.

-A housemate of mine keeps talking about the upcoming game and wants to talk about it with me.
-Yesterday, my coworkers had a hard time talking about little else, of which I had to hear and exhibited an opportunity cost of conversation.
-Outside the office, the past two games are playing on a really large screen, which I, again, have to hear.
-The campus is now blanketed with posters about the team's standing and I don't care.

There have also been some annoying demand curve shifts.

-When Jeremy and I went to lift yesterday, the weight room was abnormally crowded, making it more costly for me to do the workout I want. (We attributed the sudden rise in gym attendence to "sports fever.")
-It was harder for me to find a good parking spot at the field house (where the weight room is located) because about 30 people were there, camping in line for tickets.
-While trying to find a spot, I had to navigate around a TV van parked in the road, as well as some campers playing football.
-There's a big line for "Sweet 16" T-shirts, spilling out of the bookstore and into the main area of the Johnson Center, making it more crowded.

And then there's one that's a bit of both.

-The topic is crowding out virtually all normal radio conversation; I would almost certainly enjoy the opportunity cost more.

I really hope we loose on Friday.


jeremy h. said...

David, quit trying to take credit for my ideas ("sports fever"). But I agree with some of your thoughts. With any luck, I'll be blogging on this after the test.

jeremy h. said...

Oh, and I'll just reiterate: why do you hate GMU? Is it because of our freedom? You know, you're either with us or against us.

David said...

ok fine. you attributed it to sports fever, I agreed. You GMUers and your freedom.

Anonymous said...

David, I sympathize. Things were a bit crazy here last year with the Red Soxs. This guy in the office was a big fan. I joked that I wanted the Reds to win so I can get a TV during the riots. Then he started thinking I cared about sports teams. He's also a bit on the loud side. When he asked about March Madness, I said I didn't care about those overpaid steroid abusers which seems to have solved the problem (yes I know most pro basketball players don't abuse steroids, but too many of them do).


Chris said...

Prepare for more media blitz.

Patriots are up by 16 at the half.

You think it was bad this week, just wait until an 11th seed team makes it to the Final Four ... MANIA!