Friday, January 27, 2006


Wikipedia is organized in such a way, it's very easy to get lost in it. For example, pick any date (such as your birthday) and look it up to see shared birthdays and important events (and deaths, but that's not as fun).

On my birthday, Kellogg patented corn flakes, the 17th Amendment was added to the Constitution, the Ford made the last Model T, Seinfeld premired, Union (and later Republic) of South Africa was founded and Mark Felt admited to being Deepthroat. (Not to mention the Tulsa Race Riots, the Battle of Seven Pines, the Johnstown Flood and the Ancash earthquake.)

Shared birthdays include two kings, four Nobel Prize laureates (including economist Maurice Allais), Walt Whitman and Pope Pius XI. As a juxtaposition to the last two, I also share it with Colin Farrel and Clint Eastwood. The question then becomes who do I mention first at parties?

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