Sunday, November 06, 2005

Vinick For President

I just watched the debates on NBC and Vinick is now my guy for President. His closing speech was a classic argument for libertarian values.

There was a lot of great ideas touched on the debate; my head is still swimming. One thing I did want to comment on was Vinick's take on the worldest poorest countries. He was right in the sense that a major hurdle for these downtrodden are the oppressive taxes they bear. And they bear them because the local governments have loan payments.

I would not doubt that, but there are even more core issues, most notably is that the governments themselves suck. They are not only havens for corruption, they deny the basic economic infrastructure needed for a successful economy. Creating a legal business is like pulling teeth so entrepreneurs are forced to establish costly illegal businesses. Thus, they can't secure loans. They can't advertise. They have to bribe countless people just to stay open, nevermind making a profit.

This speaks to an earlier part of the debate when Santos reminded us that the key to limiting illegal immigration was for the government to improve economic conditions. Of course since he's not running for President of Mexico, that was a worthless promise. Didn't even say how this would be accomplished. Now if he would listen to his opponent (or me for that matter) he'd have something to tell President Fox.

For those of you who didn't see the debate, I strongly recommend you find a copy and watch it. There was some great libertarian themes in it.

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Chris said...

Debate was awesome television, and Vinick did a good job. I think there naturally was a bit of bias for Santo's position; but still I loved it when he said "tax cuts" to the moderator's question about debt relief.