Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fire At GMU

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education announced today that it's challenging the recent activity of my new school, George Mason University. In late September, GMU student and Air Force veteran Tariq Khan protested some visiting military with a sign saying "Recruiters Lie."

Even though Khan's sign as forcibly taken by another student, campus police arrested the protester. Khan apparently violated GMU Policy 1110 which "applies to the sale and distribution of products, goods, food, beverages, services, and newspapers by GMU and non-GMU organization and individuals." The school cites the purpose for the rule: "to protect faculty, staff, students, contractors and University guests from commercial and non-commercial exploitation and harassment, preserve the aesthetic atmosphere of the University, avoid disruption of the University’s educational mission and to promote safety and security in University facilities and on University grounds."

I had no idea we needed protection from being told stuff.

FIRE's campus profile of GMU can be found here.


Chris said...

David, how did Kahn's sign which says "Recruiters Lie" fall within the GMU Policy 1110? It doesn't seem that he was selling anything, which is what the policy seems to be preventing. Could you please elaborate on how the university justified taking actions against him; especially since it appears that the policy doesn't apply to his actions.

David said...

I'm just guessing here but I think they are seeing it as "non-commercial exploitation and harassment."