Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The World Wide Way?

Today I discovered the Global : Ideas : Bank, a website dedicated to posting users' random ideas for the world to see and discuss.

I was almost going to put it aside and sign up later (so I could comment) when I saw this entry (safe to say I signed up soon after):

The Problem:
Most of the time when we are surfing internet, we face the problem of find the information we need(What we are looking for).
The Social Invention:
A standard layout for website should be created which enforce the new website development to follow that standard layout. I than way [I think this way (?)] we will alway find the information more quickly and without any sort of hasle of search again and again.

Also some sort of engine can be develop which shows the information on the web site in a consist manner (Embebed with the internet browser). [sic]

Very fitting that just minutes before I had re-read The Idea Trap.


Global Ideas Bank said...

Yes, not the finest idea we've had submitted, but in a sense that's the point of the GIB. Not just to inspire and inform, but also to provoke others into commenting, improving and sending in their ideas...then we pick out ideas to develop and try to build communities around them to make them happen. Or, at a fundamental level, try to encourage people to think more positively, to use creativity for social good.

You can sign up to a blog feed of new ideas or just check in from time to time....


David said...

Oh agreed. GIB is not dissimilar from Wikipedia--the most popular entries are the ones most developed. GIB is another fine example of peer production and creative destruction.

In fact, me shooting it down (both here and there) was that very process in action. I wonder if I can lay claim to the phrase "peer destruction?"