Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Welcome To the Family

Astute visitors to LL&L would notice that there are two new blogs under IHS Alumni: FLOW, penned by Michael Strong, and Cantillon’s Paradise, authored by David Skarbek. One can only hope they reciprocate.

I met both these sharp guys I met at last week’s seminar and I encourage all of you to add their sites to your regular blogging ritual.

Mike is the Director of Educational Programs at the Institute and doesn’t look much like his picture. David is an anarco-capitialist, as opposed to myself who’s a minarchist. Clearly there’s potential for a catchy-titled debate: David vs. David where we explore the right role (if any) of government. I’m certainly interested in having this debate, though I don’t know how we’d do it. I’d also have to find some Prozac so I could be mentally accustomed to the idea of defending the state. Whoa.

By the way David, where did you get that Calvin cartoon on the June 21st posting?

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David said...

Hello David!

First things first, I got the Calvin picture with Google. Now that the important info is out of the way, onward to the Anarchy question.

I am not an Anarchist. I am also not not an Anarchist. It seems a bit silly to make permanent decisions about the optimal size of government for all times and places. I can think of theoretical situations in which Anarchy is optimal and situations in which it isn't. I don't base my decisions on strictly moral frameworks as many do, so to be categorical seems foolish.

To repeat: I do not classify myself as an Anarchist. But theory done on Anarcho Capitalism is rewarding reading for everyone interested in what the market has to offer. I would recommend you read Benson's "The Enterprise of Law" and Friedman's "The Machinery of Freedom".