Saturday, June 11, 2005

Get Out Your Checkbook

While it looks like tropical storm Arlene won't be turning into a hurricane, she is a tumid reminder that Pay-For-People-Too-Stupid-Or-Cheap-To-Move-Out-Of-The-Danger-Zone Season is upon us. Hurricanes are sure to be a plenty this year (just like they have been for thousands of years), and with it comes property damage and government checks.

When a flood in 1996 smashed my hometown of Davenport (luckily I was no where near the flood-zone) I heard a lot of people asking why so many live on the Mississippi. I bet my bottom dollar some of them live on the Atlantic coast in the southeast. Do I really have to reciprocate?

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Chris said...

Good, good. I was just thinking that this morning too. The TV reports I was listening to were saying, "After all the hardship that Florida went through last year and the billions spent in repair (probably a lot of that taxpayer money, btw) most Floridians can't believe a new hurricane season is upon them." Hmmm. Here's my suggestion, if you can't take it, MOVE OUT!!! Sheesh, why does it always seem that the craziest shit happens in Florida (Elian Gonzalez, Election 2000, Terri Schiavo, etc.) Seriously it must be in the water.