Friday, February 11, 2005

Laughing All the Way To the Political Discourse

Perhaps it’s because Jerry Seinfeld’s in town. Perhaps it’s because it’s Friday Night Standup on Comedy Central. Perhaps it’s because anti-capitalist argument are so backwards, they’re funny, but I had a idea for something society really needs: libertarian comedians.

We do have some—Penn and Teller, Dennis Miller, Dennis Leary, Drew Carey (more here), but we don’t have enough and those we do have rarely make libertarianism part of their act. I’ve often said that the single biggest barrier to freedom is rhetoric (though not in so many words). The fact of the matter is, while the evidence favors liberty, the language favors control (aka “safety”).

Comedians, by the very virtue of their job, transform complicated ideas (or stories) into concise, funny sentences. They’re easy to remember and they make sense. Liberating the peoples of the world requires us to take back the debate. We need comedians to give us the pithy phrases we can pass on to others.

Thus, I call on libertarians everywhere to try to crack a joke that makes a point. Share them with others. Shout them from the rooftops. Rent billboards. Here’s a website to get you to start thinking succinctly about individualism.


Chris said...

Well, David, I would include Howard Stern (tentatively) to your list. He's been making some pretty decent remarks about what the true purpose of the FCC is. Which is namely to enforce what the government (influenced as they are by "pro-family" interest groups) declares to be "decent" and "in the public interest." So, if you consider Stern to be a comedian - I enjoy hearing about breast transplants for dwarf porn stars (sometimes), I don't know about you - then you might consider adding him.

Chris said...

Oh, yeah, I forget to ask, how was Jerry Seinfeld? From what I understand his material is still fairly relavent and not too bad. Considering he could of really slacked of with all the money he's made from syndication and now the release of the "Seinfeld" DVDs

David said...

I dunno how Jerry was...I didn't go. I heard it was good and it was sold out (though Quad-Citians will go to anything that's by a major celebrity because it makes us feel noticed). I like Stern but I haven't heard him enough to hear his libertarian stuff. Plus, I'm looking for stuff with greater scope.