Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Child Proofing Death

You know there’s something wrong with society when volunteer thought police are lauded as heroes.

A recent article reported that an Ontario woman infiltrated a chat room in time to alert police to stop consenting adult from having sex and killing themselves. For this Valentine’s Day, Gerald Krein of Klamath Falls, Ore. invited 31 women to his home to perform sexual favors for him and then commit suicide. He’s been trying to get them to do this for five years. Now he’s being charged with solicitation to commit murder.

The origin of the West’s hatred of suicide can be traced back all the way to the Catholic Church in the tenth century. According to The Straight Dope,

English common law distinguished a suicide, who was by definition of unsound mind, from a felo-de-se or "evildoer against himself," who had coolly decided to end it all and thereby perpetrated an infamous crime. Such a person forfeited his entire estate to the crown. Furthermore his corpse was subjected to public indignities, such as being dragged through the streets and hung from the gallows, and was finally consigned to "ignominious burial," as the legal scholars put it--the favored method was beneath a crossroads with a stake driven through the body.

Similar laws were common through out most of Europe and today, virtually every country punishes those who take (or try to take) their own life.

Note that the origins of this law were based on religious ideology and legal plunder of the deceased’s property. Now the tyranny of the child proof society is responsible; because a few vocal citizens don’t like the idea, no one is allowed to.

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