Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iowa Senators Geek With Laws

Months ago, I repeated the findings from a Quad City Times article that Iowa was number one in the country for meth incidents, mostly among teens. And like any “scary” statistic, this one grew horns, legs and big, bulging eyes and waddled over to the government.

Iowa’s two senators are pushing for a bill that would force pharmacies to keep decongestants behind the counter because these same medicines can be used to create meth—you know, Satan in a syringe.

Not only will the law make it harder to sell the products and piss off their customers, it won’t do a damn thing in the so-called “War on Drugs.” The same creative, entrepreneurial spirit that generated the television, modern aspirin and frozen food will fashion an alternative. It may be meth without decongestants or it could be a completely new substance altogether. That’s how crack and ecstasy got started.

Parents don’t like their teenagers and college kids taking drugs because they claim they’re too inexperienced, yet these are the same people who are concocting amazing new ways to make complicated substances. If the government would stop changing the recipe, these minds would have the time to work on other things: making plutonium from common household items.

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