Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I Love Mexicans

In preparation for Why Lou Dobbs is Wrong Part II, I’m watching his show this week. Tonight on Lou Dobb’s Moneyline, Lou taught us about the evils of immigration from Mexico, calling it an “invasion.” The Mexican government even created an illustrated booklet explaining how to avoid border patrols and sneak into the US to work illegally.

Lou attacks the 20 million illegal workers in the US because they enjoy American government program without paying taxes. But he isn’t asking to make it easier for immigrants to become legal—he pushes for stronger border patrol, magnifying his juvenile understanding of labor in the global economy. After all the viewer e-mails praised Lou’s interpretation of economics, I resolved to write my own message to Mr. Dobbs:

Thank you Mexican government for sending your workers to us! Foreign workers save companies money, which they either spend or save, allowing banks to loan it to people who spend the savings. This spending creates jobs. Meanwhile wages are spent here or sent aboard—pumping dollars into Mexico which are either spent on American exports or invested in American companies. Our economy grows.

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David said...

Correction: It was Lou Dobbs Tonight, not his former program, Lou Dobbs Moneyline, from when he started at CNN.