Tuesday, November 30, 2004

And the Pendulum Swings...

Russell Roberts put up this post today at Café Hayek about the decline in circulation of the Washington Post. Apparently, management held a meeting with staffers about this topic but, as the article Russell is referencing says,

“However, the more intense discussion at the meeting involved diversity at the newspaper, as several minority staff members lamented that a white man recently was chosen over a woman and a black man as the paper's new managing editor.”

Wait, what? Circulation is down 10% over the past two years and they are talking about that? Now perhaps the Post staffers have legitimate reason to complain—we don’t really know the details—but it points to a disturbing trend in our society. Swept up in the politics and legislation of diversity, the public has developed a fetish for pointing fingers and yelling “bigot,” especially when inappropriate. Yes racism is bad but so are lost priorities—it denies you from talking about something more worthwhile.

Now as much as I blame the public, I also blame the government (big surprise) as they affirm the public’s views that racism is the world’s greatest evil and everything possible should be in place to stop it. Ironically they go to such extremes they end up being racist.

The goal, ladies and gentlemen, is not a manufactured world where everyone is the same or where everyone’s orderly different. And while today the white man in charge may sound the alarm of racism, I beg you to follow the words of one of my favorite speakers: “Just not by the color of the skin, but the content of the character.”

And oh yeah: lay off already!

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