Monday, October 11, 2004

FBI Seizes's Servers

The long arm of the law knows no boundaries. Take a deep breath and read on: The FBI, in order to protect what may or may not have been the identities of Swiss secret police at a protest in France, confiscated hard-drives from Rackspace UK, the London branch of an American firm hosting

A statement from, says London IT lawyer Dai Davis, "fails to clarify the legal basis of the raid."

Groan. It seems altogether likely that the truth will remain concealed in the interests of national security. How fortunate we are that wiser souls than we are there to protect us from only they know what.


Mike said...

Tim, what's the problem, now? I'm not sure I understand what happened here.

Tim said...

My problem? Servers were seized on the grounds of security. I don't think goverenment is the best provider thereof, so I'm peeved when they flex their muscles in this way.

When they do, I at least want to understand why - here, nobody really knows what's going on. I don't think that's justice, simply arbitrary judgment that's unassailable merely because it's totally absent. We can't even criticize the rationale for the seizure since none was presented.

I'd like more transparency in government, and hardly think that secrets when it comes to law enforcement and the seizure of private property are becoming to it.

Tim said...

Also, the article linked to explains things in much more detail.

Mike said...


Sorry, I did not notice you were using the titles as links.

Tim said...

No problem at all - I've noticed that you guys don't use them much - I've done it now and then, but most of my pieces are more op-eds.