Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Capitalist Philosophy of the Muppets

The Muppets is about a dilapidated LA Muppet theater, an business tycoon looking to tear it down to drill for oil, and a familiar cast of characters trying to raise the money to save it. Last week Eric Bolling at Fox News claimed the movie is "brainwashing kids against capitalism" because the villain was a business man.

But The Muppets is the most capitalist movies this year. When they found out that their theater was in danger of being torn down they didn't lobby the California Historical Society to outlaw demolition. They didn't threaten to contact the EPA about the (admittedly real) problem of putting an oil well in downtown LA. They didn't head to Washington to seek a subsidy or add to construction regulations. They didn't even engage in California's infamous referendum system. In fact, none of these ideas ever occurred to them.

No, they did what every good capitalist does when someone tries to buy something they want: they outbid him.