Thursday, May 13, 2010

There Ought To Be a Law

I'm not too fond of new laws but new CBO estimates for the health care bill tack on an additional $115 billion (silly them; they forgot to consider administration costs and other spending). Each new bill (or bill for which the CBO makes estimates for), should include a clause that if it turns out the bill is much more expensive than originally estimated, it should be automatically repealed and put to a re-vote. A lot of people defended this bill because it would help with the deficit; now those costs undo most of that (and you can be sure these costs will only go up). Those supporters have been duped and a re-vote seems to be the only fair way to fix the wildly inaccurate estimation.

But I guess Congress is too busy blaming banks for misleading customers.

Update: Most of that increase is the continuation of existing programs and isn't really part of the bill. Still, there ought to be a law.

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