Sunday, March 28, 2010

Priorities on GW

Robert Stavins wonders who killed cap-and-trade and argues that
U.S. public support on this issue has decreased significantly, as has been validated by a number of reliable polls, including from the Gallup Organization. Indeed, in January of this year, a Pew Research Center poll found that “dealing with global warming” was ranked 21st among 21 possible priorities for the President and Congress.
A quick glance confirms this--global warming is not a top priority--but that's not a perfect measure. It could be a somewhat high priority on everyone's list which would mean it's still pretty damn important. Scroll down on the Pew link and you'll find that GW has never been that high as a top priority (topping 38% in 2007, when they started asking about it). It looks like GW was just edged out due to recent events; people haven't stopped caring. I wouldn't call it dead yet.

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