Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures From Snowmageddon

I normally don't do personal stuff here but the pictures from the twin blizzards are pretty interesting (and should be convincing to those knowledgeable of Midwestern winters that if I complain about the snow, it's not because I've gone soft).

The first shots are from the first blizzard. In this shot, I've already dug out the back area (which took about an hour). Yes, I actually had to do some digging to confirm the car was mine (the snow was originally hiding the plate and my IHS bumper sticker).

There is, of course, some economics in this post. For one, I note a similar mystery that Bryan Caplan pointed out. For example, here's the milk section at the local supermarket I visited today (note the soy milk, way at the end, is pretty well stocked).

Bryan thinks it's strange that the brand name stuff is grabbed more than the off brand. As staple products, if people like them five times as much, why isn't there five times as many of it? Several days into the storms, I still found other strange juxtapositions.

Some of this might have been due to constant restocking but based on Caplan's observations (and others that went out right before the storm concur), it's equally possible that this is not the case.

It also highlights the problem of inflexible prices, especially during a crisis. It's probably due to price-gouging laws, which exist is most, if not all, states. Luckily when I went today, I was able to get everything I needed (but only because the nearby Wal-Mart just restocked its milk).