Monday, December 14, 2009

Patent Number 5,547,091

When I shop for toothpaste, I prefer the caps with the flip top so I don't have to remove the cap when I brush my teeth. I usually forget to look since I tend to forgot to buy it in the first place but today I remembered. In my search for the flip-top cap, I discovered only one brand, Colgate, has them. Moments after I thought that was strange, I suspected the answer. A search at the PTO website confirmed my suspicions. It's patent number is 5,547,091. Here's the abstract:
A closure for a container having a dispensing nozzle include a central aperture to receive the nozzle. In one embodiment, the nozzle extends through the aperture and projects upwardly from the base cap. The base cap further includes a top wall inclined with respect to the central axis of the base cap to assist in dispensing of the contents of the container. A cap lid is hinged to the base cap by a snap hinge assembly.
The patent was issued on August 20, 1996. Thus, on 2016, the "who didn't replace the cap on the toothpaste" arguments will evolve into "who didn't shut the toothpaste" arguments. And we'll all be happier for it.

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