Friday, August 15, 2008

The Emperor's New Grub

LA central planners, lead by Jan Perry, put a moratorium on new fast food outlets in south LA (one of LA's poorest neighborhoods). The policy is to encourage more grocery stores and sit-down restaurants. She cites health reasons and claims there simply aren't a lot of choices in that part of the city.

What she really means to say is that she doesn't like what the poor eats and they should be forced to choose what she wants. It clearly never occurred to Perry that this poor (little money to eat at nice restaurants), working (no time to prepare their own food) neighborhood of LA enjoys fast food for a good reason. Forcing them to swap their preferences for hers is ghastly arrogant and morally reprehensible.

If Jan Perry wants more food choices in South LA she should start a restaurant, not ban others.

HT: Jon Cell

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