Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Multitude of Villianies Do Swarm Upon Us

Set aside the rampant talk on the campaign circuit about universal health care. Table arguments for protection at the cost of fundamental civil liberties. It is possible there is a candidate who would bring yet more nonsense to next year's election: Lou Dobbs.

Right now trade and immigration--especially immigration--are in party platforms. Despite that these issues are pretty much the same (both move jobs to foreigners), each of the parties treats them differently. Democrats don't like free trade, Republicans don't like illegal immigration. A crude line to draw, but useful.

Lou Dobbs, on the other hand, doesn't like either. At least he has the virtue of consistency. But if he would enter the race, his popularity would surely encourage candidates to call to assuage both instead of neither. Dobbs doesn't even have to be a viable candidate, he merely needs to make enough noise on the campaign trail. And when you're as popular and opinionated as Dobbs is, such a feat is as second nature as breathing.

HT: Mike Mills

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