Monday, August 20, 2007

Lou Dobbs Thinks I’m Dumb

Last year the Independent Institute issued a letter on immigration. The letter argued that immigration is not all bad for the country and in fact makes us better off as a whole. I signed the letter, agreeing with its premise. It was a short and simple, and now over a year later Lou Dobbs picked up on it. Economist Alex Tabarrok from George Mason University appeared on his show recently, and can be seen here. Dobbs took the arguments given by simply responding that the signers are "idiotic," "dumb," "jackasses," and "completely out of their minds." I can’t say I agree with Powell’s extreme open border position, but I still think more immigration will make America better, even if that makes me dumb.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you and five Nobel prize winners!


Alex Tabarrok

Anonymous said...

You are an idiotic dunb jackass, but not for that reason, and not more so than Lou Dobbs (which ain't sayin' much).