Monday, July 16, 2007

Restricted Trade Talks Continue

According to a U.S. trade official, the Malaysia-U.S. free trade talks are now expected to be completed in June of 2008. No, that's not a typo. These talks--already over a year old--could go on for another year. That's how we know these talks really aren't about free trade.

Free trade--or the absence of government restrictions on international exchange--does not require two years to negotiate. It doesn't require two minutes of negotiation. But each government's interest in avoiding true free trade drags these talks on for years.

It's all so wasteful. Eliminating barriers to trade not only enhances the well-being of whom you trade with, but it helps you as well. It is rightly very easy for New York City to trade with Los Angeles. Why shouldn't the Big Apple trade as easily with Malaysia?

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Jenny said...

It’s probably the bureaucrats’ fault. The Malaysian ones want free taxpayer-paid vacations to Disneyland and the American ones want free taxpayer-paid vacations to beach-front resorts.